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A Fearless Voice

NEW! Reine Media Edition with Updated Information and Chapters!

Coming in May 2020: The award-winning page turner is in its third edition and will be lighting up the media once again. Get your copy and see why readers everywhere say they can’t put it down.

“Each of us has seasons in our lives that knock us down. Shawna Vercher has shown us how to take what is within us and not just get back up, but get back up with a clearer eye on our purpose and destiny. I recommend this book to anyone who wonders if their life has a meaning. It sure does, and the world is simply waiting for you to walk into your destiny. Thank you, Shawna, for sharing your courageous journey with us all.”

April J

About The Book

By the time Shawna Presley Vercher learned about the violent and deceptive past of one of her clients it was too late. She and her small business were swept up in a scandal that captured national media headlines and caught the attention of the United States Attorney and the FBI. Fighting to protect her family and save her company, Shawna soon found that her biggest obstacle would be a broken justice system wrought with dysfunction and corruption. Follow Shawna’s exhilarating journey as she transforms from victim to champion. You will grieve the heartbreaking betrayals, laugh aloud at her wry humor, and applaud her moments of triumph.

The Reine Media edition brings information that could never be revealed before now, as well as captivating insight into how her saga was intertwined in the 2016 Presidential Election. These additional chapters chronicle the jaw-dropping events that occurred in the years since A Fearless Voice made its sensational debut. A story that originally seemed too dark to be real is now being heralded by advocates as a must-read insight into the tragedies impacting countless others.

Find out why this gripping saga is enthralling readers across the country. Shawna’s story will absolutely inspire you to raise your own fearless voice.

“I have walked in the same shoes as Shawna and she gave me faith. If you have ever felt the sting of being oppressed this book will give you a pathway to hope.

Ashley H

What’s Inside

An Excerpt from A Fearless Voice

The night the shots were fired on the house, it turned out that they used paint guns. The firing noise sounded like gunfire, but the result was orange paint all across the house, with a not-so-subtle single shot fired in the back window of my pickup truck. My husband’s car ― parked right next to the truck ― was untouched.

A police officer arrived about twenty minutes after we called, but of course she was no help. I carefully showed the officer the different splotches of paint, some of which were in front of where my truck was parked, and explained to her that this meant that the shooter was on foot when he or she crossed the house, as a shooter from the street couldn’t have hit at that angle.

I detailed the litany of police reports, recorded threats and violent histories of the Band of Psychos we had been dealing with. I even offered up the information that my primary stalker ― who’s threats had been detailed in those reports ― had a history of settling his disagreements with vandalism and paint, but nothing seemed to shake her of the idea that this was a waste of her time and she was missing something far more important…like shift change.

I had been texting my attorney frantically this entire time and he demanded that we file a police report to document it. Those were the good old days ― back when we thought facts and documentation mattered in all of this.

The Bored Officer sighed, took what had to be the tenth glance at her watch, and said she didn’t see the need for a report. After all, she mused, how could we prove that we didn’t paint the house ourselves? In fact, she went on to huff and puff, maybe she should look at if I’m right-handed or left-handed because for all she knew I was a suspect.

And that’s when I hit my limit.

Sidebar: I’m not one of those people that yells when I get angry. I rarely scream and I never throw a fit. Instead, I have what my friends call my “Julia Sugarbaker moments.” Named after the Southern woman in charge on the 1980’s sitcom Designing Women, Julia had the tendency to always say exactly what needed to be said in order to quickly and quietly slice up her foes with a tongue lashing that they didn’t soon forget. She knew what to say and how to say it so that the words cut as deeply as possible.

You know how some people wish that they had that perfect thing to say during those times that they’re being picked on? I have that gift, but it comes with a hefty price ― you can’t roll it back up once it comes spilling out. For that reason, I tend to stay silent or speak only the minimum required when I feel my blood pressure rising. Silence and brevity were not options for me in that moment.

“Let me explain something to you,” I began, shooting my husband a quick look to let him know that there was absolutely no way I was letting this one go. “I called you and reported a crime. You, as a supposed public servant, were ‘unlucky’ enough to be the one to respond to my call for help and you have made it perfectly clear that you absolutely, positively do not intend to do anything to actually help me to keep my family safe. That’s fine. I can’t force you to do your job and I certainly cannot force you to be smart enough to be good at it.”

She started to interject, but I continued.

“Here’s what I CAN do. I can call your boss, I can call the news trucks, and I can call my attorney and all of them will be asking you the same thing: Exactly what happened here to make you think that it was acceptable to bully the family that has been victimized instead of actually doing anything that would make the situation better? How is it, they will ask, that you managed to look around this neighborhood and see no mailboxes knocked over, no toilet paper in the trees and certainly no other houses that have been vandalized, and say that this was a random act or prank? And did you really think, they will want to know, that we decided to do a little redecorating with fluorescent
orange paint IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?!?”

Her eyes were widening by now and I knew that I had that precious few moments before she regained her composure to strike the final blow. After all, at some point she would remember that she was a cop with a gun, handcuffs and pepper spray and I was nothing but a puny tax-paying citizen ― and that she could make my life far more difficult if she chose to.

“I realize,” I continued, “That there is a strong possibility that still nothing will happen and that I will still have no justice even after all of these things are said and done. But there’s something else I realize, which is that all of the reports and the inquiries and the press interviews will take far longer than you using your precious pen to fill out a police report.”

I paused to let that thought sink in. “Now do you want to start writing or should I start dialing?”

The report was labeled as a “Suspicious Incident” and Officer Egger filed it under Clearwater 11-114387.

The paperwork was nice to have, but the reality of the situation was something I had learned far before that night. When it came to fighting this big battle for myself, for my family, and for future victims of situations like these, the cavalry was never going to ride in and save me. I was on my own.

This book takes you into a personal and sometimes frightening story of how a normal everyday life can turn upside down when authorities, and even so-called friends, become predators. Shawna is not a victim; she rises up and becomes an advocate for herself and others and shows us how to turn a world that is upside down right side up again, and, in the process, find one’s own personal power. Her courage and savvy is needed in the political world. I highly recommend this book.
Therese T

“I have worked in crisis response and victim advocacy for the better part of my career doing direct crisis response and education for victim advocates. In addition, I hold a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and advanced certifications in victim support.

This book is a message of hope for advocates and victims and is a must-read for anyone compelled to see the triumph of one victim! In addition, this book offers clear and direct steps to change our justice system to be more victim-sensitive. I think this book needs to be in the hands of every therapist, social worker, crisis intervention specialist, and advocate dedicated to making the world a better place!

It was so refreshing to actually see a victim prevail and find her own FEARLESS VOICE!”

Trey M

“This was a great read and difficult to stop once I started… I loved the roller coaster ride! It reminds of the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction.”

Monica M

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