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Because of her professional experience and a few personal tragedies, Shawna recognized the fear and frustration our country was experiencing and got to work on something she could do to make a difference.

We need a home base of information that people can rely on to inspire, direct action, and lead to meaningful change. Americans no longer trust the news – and with good reason. Shawna and her team have created a way to exchange ideas on how to make a difference – ideas that are thoughtful, effective, and well-intentioned – and the home for this vision is known as Reine Media. 

Shawna Vercher is the Executive Producer for Reine Media, a social justice production company that creates films, television series, and publications to share stories of phenomenal organizations and everyday heroes.

Reine Media’s team leverages a background in political organizing, media strategy, technology, and government affairs to bring legislative and infrastructure improvements to communities throughout the United States. They collaborate with community leaders, subject matter experts, elected officials, and local residents to help identify important social justice issues and then create and distribute media to help lead to positive meaningful impact.

As the returns of the 2016 Presidential Election came in, Shawna realized all-too-quickly that this was surely not the America that any of us hoped our kids would grow up in.

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