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Political Media Strategist

“I’ve known a large number of people who claim to be experts. Few have the big picture insight that Shawna brings to the table.

With Congressman Charlie Crist

Shawna Vercher is a leading political media strategist who believes in working on complex issues in a way that brings more people to the table instead of pushing them away. Whether it’s leading discussion to build consensus around shared values or focusing on long term outcomes rather than scoring short term points, there is an authenticity to her approach that some of the world’s most powerful people have expressed as remarkable.

The industries of politics and media change constantly. Here are some of the way that she helps her clients navigate through them successfully to achieve their own goals:

  • Building or improving a brand to create a positive reputation of a company, candidate or issue in the press and online
  • Mapping out a winning messaging strategy to gain support of voters, donors or customers
  • Leveraging political relationships to pass legislation or develop funding support for an organization or issue
  • Harnessing the full power of media for an important event – whether that moment is planned or unplanned
  • Helping to achieve and navigate growth for celebrities, public figures and organizations that are reaching their next level of success

With Legendary Activist Gloria Steinem

With Senator Doug Jones

Anyone who knows or has worked with Shawna can attest that she is extremely passionate about politics and social issues. She has appeared on nearly every major network and had been interviewed by dozens of talk show hosts and pundits discussing the most controversial issues of our time.

Some might think that her tenacity would mean that she could only get things done on one side of the aisle, but it is quite the opposite. Because she and her team utilize constructive dialogue and look for win-win solutions, she is well-respected by her peers – even during these highly rancorous times – and has passed multiple key legislative initiatives with bi-partisan consensus.

Shawna and her team cut no corners. Whether she is out front or orchestrating from behind the scenes, she views it as her responsibility to protect your reputation as if it were her own. That is why Shawna Vercher continues to be her clients’ first phone call through tumultuous times and why they rely on her as a trusted adviser year after year.

With Liz Cheney

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