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Social Justice Advocate

Shawna is just a fantastic person, wicked smart, well versed in politics, and so very passionate about her community.

Shawna Presley Vercher is first and foremost an advocate for social justice. Every project that she tackles is driven by how it can positively influence the work, life, and well-being of others.

She has successfully leveraged her experience in politics and media to pass federal and state legislation in areas including juvenile justice, women’s health, racial equality, religious anti-defamation, LGBTQ+ rights, and education.

Shawna’s passion is motivating people to mobilize for positive change and, together with a national team of experts, she has built multiple successful enterprises dedicated to exactly that.

Democracy Legacy is a political organization dedicated to engage, educating, and mobilizing voters across the country. Democracy Legacy utilizes media strategy, technology, and organizing to build coalitions that amplify the work already happening in various communities.

Edify is one of the only national political organizations dedicated to cannabis social justice issues. We focus on four primary values:

  • Providing cannabis as a medical care option
  • Protecting families from the harms of incarceration for possession of cannabis
  • Supporting communities to ensure that all members – particularly women, veterans, and people of color – have an opportunity to benefit from the economic impact of cannabis
  • Building a foundation that responsibly supports this growing industry including technology, infrastructure, and privacy needs

With Joy Reid at the Say Her Name Gala

At a Leadership Conference with Chuck Todd

With Actor and Activist Wendell Pierce

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