“Shawna is dynamic and fun to work with. On stage she makes it look effortless while WOW-ing the audience.”

Shawna has drawn inspiration from her lifetime of experiences and used it to motivate others to action.  Her speeches are interactive, energetic and highly insightful. Her expertise and passion for the subject matter shines through and leaves people excited to take that next step – whether its applying the skills they just learned or tackling life and career with the fearlessness that she inspires.

Shawna has experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences including:

Inspirational keynote addresses for conferences and gala events

Tailored motivational talks for organizations and corporate retreats

Educational sessions and workshops for corporate, non-profit and political groups

Hosting and emceeing live or televised awards shows and galas for charities and community organizations

Recent Topics Include

Becoming Fearless:
Overcoming Obstacles to
Transform Your Life and Career

The New Battlefield:
How to Bridge Divides in Our Communities
and In National Political Discourse


With Legendary Activist Gloria Steinem

With Senator Doug Jones

Anyone who knows or has worked with Shawna can attest that she is extremely passionate about politics and social issues. She has appeared on nearly every major network and had been interviewed by dozens of talk show hosts and pundits discussing the most controversial issues of our time.

Some might think that her tenacity would mean that she could only get things done on one side of the aisle, but it is quite the opposite. Because she and her team utilize constructive dialogue and look for win-win solutions, she is well-respected by her peers – even during these highly rancorous times – and has passed multiple key legislative initiatives with bi-partisan consensus.

Shawna and her team cut no corners. Whether she is out front or orchestrating from behind the scenes, she views it as her responsibility to protect your reputation as if it were her own. That is why Shawna Vercher continues to be her clients’ first phone call through tumultuous times and why they rely on her as a trusted adviser year after year.

With Liz Cheney

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