Shawna Presley Vercher

Executive Producer, National Media Strategist, and The Political Fixer
Forever an Advocate

Forever an Advocate

Shawna is famous for seizing any opportunity to engage with people about current events, persuading them to get involved.

The Common Thread is Storytelling

She is the Executive Producer and host of two television series.

She is a nationally-known columnist and author of three books.

She is the political & media strategist trusted by politicians, corporate executives, and celebrities.

Shawna goes all-in on big projects. Whether she’s creating media that builds consensus on an issue or working behind the scenes to influence policy alongside powerful leaders, Shawna’s voice brings people together for a positive impact.

Currently, she spends her time helping clients realize their corporate or political goals — when she’s not producing television series, publishing books, authoring articles, and starring in viral online content that raises awareness for voter engagement & social justice initiatives.

Shawna draws attention using every tool at her disposal, then shares the stories of real people to give the public compelling reasons to care, get involved, and take action.

Bio and Education

Shawna Presley Vercher was born in Texas City, TX and raised in La Marque, TX (pop. 16,983). After graduating from La Marque High School, she moved to Florida to attend Florida State University. She graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems (MIS).

Shawna and her husband, Jason, met at FSU and married at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Their one daughter, Maddie, is a student at Cornell University and an advocate in her own right.

Hard to Be Humble

Hard to Be Humble

Raised in the Lone Star State, Shawna is a Texan at heart, no matter where she hangs her hat.

Shawna Vercher in Washington Square Park

Realizing Her Passion for Politics

As she watched the late Texas Governor Ann Richards speak at the 1988 National Convention, Shawna realized she was a Democrat. In her early years, she played saxophone for President Bill Clinton, lost the race for FSU Student Body President handily, and was nominated by her boss to join Governor Jeb Bush’s technology advisory team during his re-election bid.

Shawna grew up in a small Texas town and graduated from a predominantly Black high school. Those experiences constituted a unique and culturally diverse background that helps her appreciate different perspectives & experiences — and search for ways to share them far and wide. Shawna carries that mindset into her politics as she endeavors to find common ground & shared values whenever possible. She credits those skills — and her Southern stubbornness, which emerges when she fights for people who are bullied, marginalized, or victimized — with her success in passing legislation and generating meaningful change in over thirty states.

After being invited to join a certain “long-shot” campaign for president in 2008, Shawna found her love for political media. Her life was forever altered by the chance to play a small role in mobilizing America toward a hopeful & historic victory for President Barack Obama. She pivoted from technology & social media to a full-time career in political and media strategy. Ever since, Shawna has had the pleasure of working alongside phenomenal public servants again and again.



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