Shawna Presley Vercher The Political Fixer

LOS ANGELES, CA – Get ready for an exciting new addition to the world of unscripted reality television. “The Political Fixer,” a groundbreaking series that promises to take viewers on a gripping journey through the world of politics and social justice, is set to premiere this year.

“The Political Fixer” offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes glimpse into the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of politics and social justice. Hosted by Shawna Presley Vercher, a leading national media strategist renowned for her expertise in navigating the complex intersections of media, politics, and advocacy, this series promises to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Viewers can anticipate an unfiltered look at the inner workings of political campaigns, social justice movements, and the individuals who are driving change across the nation. “The Political Fixer” will explore the challenges, triumphs, and controversies that define modern politics and activism. With exclusive interviews, candid moments, and thought-provoking discussions, this show is sure to captivate audiences who are already tuning into this election season in record numbers.

In an era where politics and social justice are at the forefront of public discourse, “The Political Fixer” arrives as a timely and crucial exploration of the issues that shape our world. It offers a platform for vital conversations and a chance for viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the forces at play in our society.

Shawna Presley Vercher, a seasoned media strategist and political commentator, brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to “The Political Fixer.” With a career dedicated to bridging the gap between media and politics both on the air and as a consultant for leading candidates, Shawna is uniquely positioned to guide viewers through the complexities of today’s political landscape.

The show, created by Shawna, was first discovered by Rolfe Auerbach, CEO of Brand-In Entertainment and a Producer on the project. “We are thrilled to be a part of ‘The Political Fixer’,” Auerbach said. “This show represents an exciting fusion of entertainment and education, providing a lens into the world of politics and social justice that has never been seen before. Shawna’s expertise and passion shine through, and we are confident that this series will leave a lasting impact.”

The show appears to have an audience already, as a soft launch of The Political Fixer brand has garnered tens of millions of views on social media and online platforms. A launch of the official TikTok account surpassed over half a million views in less than two weeks.

“The Political Fixer” is scheduled to begin filming this year and will soon be available for streaming on a national platform. Casting for candidates and product features is now underway.

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